Terms and Conditions

DEFINITION OF TERMS: The following terms shall have the following interpretations: “Contract” – means this Rental Agreement consisting of pages 1 and 2; “Lessee” – means the party renting or leasing the vehicle and any other person approved by Lessor on page 1 to drive the vehicle. “Lessor” – means the authorized BOLES AUTO RENTALS dealer named on page 1; “Vehicle” – means the automobile described, subject to all the terms and provisions of this contract contained below and on the reverse side hereof.

  1. DRIVERS: In no event shall the vehicle be used, operated or driven by any person other than the lessee or additional lessee who signed this agreement, except that, without violating this contract, the vehicle may be used, operated or driven by another person who is qualified, licensed driver of twenty-one (21) years of age or older, if such person is the lessee’s employer or employee and uses and operates the vehicle in the normal course of such employment.
  2. PROHIBITED USE: The vehicle shall not be used (1) in violation of any law, ordinance or regulation, (2) by any person who is under the influence of intoxicants, narcotics or drugs, (3) if any automobile, for the transportation of persons or property for hire, (4) in any race, test or competitive event, (5) outside the country of Belize without Lessor’s prior written consent, (6) by any person not specified in paragraph 1 above (7) by any person under the age of 21 years (8) to push or tow any vehicle except with lessor’s prior written consent and subject to all the conditions appearing on the reverse hereof. Lessee is prohibited from installing any bumper, clamp-on, or type of trailer hitch, without Lessor’s written consent. In NO EVENT SHALL Lessee sub-rent or release the vehicle to another person or Corporation. If the vehicle is obtained by Lessee by fraud or misrepresentation or is obtained or used in furtherance of an illegal purpose, all use of the vehicle is without Lessor’s permission. The foregoing conditions are cumulative and each of them shall apply to every use, operation or driving of the vehicle. Lessee and/or additional lessee agree to indemnify and reimburse the company for all damages sustained by the company as a result of said vehicle being used in a manner which can be characterized as “prohibited use” under the aforementioned “Prohibited Use” clause.
  3. RETURN OF VEHICLE: This contract is one of rental only. The vehicle is the property of the lessor. Lessee agrees to return vehicle to Lessor’s address on the date shown on Page I (under “Due Date”) in the same condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excluded. Lessor or any of its agents or employees may peacefully repossess the vehicle without demands, wherever found and terminate this rental Agreement if the vehicle is illegally parked, is used in violation of the law, or this Contract was obtained as the result of any misstatement or fraud, is apparently abandoned, or for any other reason deemed sufficient by Lessor. Lessor shall not in any way be liable to Lessee for damages resulting from such repossession nor shall Lessor be responsible for the loss or damage of any property of Lessee contained therein.
  4. AMOUNTS DUE LESSOR: Lessee shall pay Lessor on demand: (a) All time and mileage charges as computed on Page I of this contract (b) Basic or minimum rate, service, Collision damage Waiver, and other charges as shown on Page I thereof, (c) Refueling charge if the vehicle is returned with less gasoline than when rented, (d) All sales use, excise, or other taxes, (e) All liens, penalties, forfeitures, court costs and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Lessor with respect to Lessee’s use of the vehicle including parking, traffic or other violations assessed against Lessor, the vehicle, or Lessee, plus a reasonable service charge, unless due to Lessor’s fault, (f) Lessor’s cost and expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees (unless prohibited by law), incurred in collecting any payments due hereunder or in the amount specified on Page I in the Collision Damage Waiver section, (h) Lessor’s costs and expenses for repairing vehicle which was damaged while being used in violation of any of the terms and conditions of this contract, (i) Lessor’s cost and expenses for recovery of vehicle regardless of fault, which resulted from an accident, theft or any violation of the prohibited use clause.
  5. INDEMNITY: The Lessee does hereby agree to indemnity and hold harmless the Lessor from and against any and all losses, damages, claims, suits, demands, costs, attorney fees, and other expenses incurred by Lessor arising out of the use of the vehicle by the Lessee or any other person.
  6. REPAIRS: Lessee shall not permit any repairs to the vehicle or suffer any lien to be placed upon it without Lessor’s prior written consent. Lessee shall be liable for any such repairs.
  7. ACCIDENTS: Lessee shall immediately report any accident to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction at the place of the accident and to Lessor and shall deliver to Lessor or its insurers if so wanted by Lessor, every process, pleasing notice, or paper of any kind received by Lessee or any driver of the vehicle relating to any claim, suit or proceeding connected with any accident or event involving the vehicle. Neither Lessee, nor any driver of the vehicle shall aid or abet the assertion of any such claim, suit or proceeding and shall cooperate fully with Lessor and its insurer in investigating and defending the same. Lessee is responsible for all damages on the vehicle not covered by the insurance company in the event of an accident.
  8. THEFT OF VEHICLE: Lessee’s liability for theft of vehicle shall be limited to $5,000.00 BZE provided Lessee returns to company the keys of said vehicle. Failure or inability to return keys to company will make Lessee liable for replacement of said vehicle.
  9. RESPONSIBILITY OF LESSEE: Lessee is responsible for blowouts, flat tires, damage to tires or wheels or rims, broken glass or any interior damage such as cigarette bums, rips, tears or stains to upholstery and carpet or other damage, missing items such as floor mats, spare tires, jack, hub caps, etc.
  10. INSURANCE: The Lessor agrees to provide automobile third party standard insurance with limits of liability from the insurance company. Insurance does not cover passengers or minor damages on the vehicles. All damages sustained on the vehicle that are not covered by the insurance company under the third party standard insurance are the sole responsibility of the Lessee.

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